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Glenisla is a small town in the Southern Grampians, some 252kms away from Melbourne and 64km away from Halls Gap.

Though it has just a little over a dozen residents, this area is home to many beautiful attractions and off-the-beaten-path gems.

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Visitors can see the historical Manja Shelter, just 10km away from Glenisla. Manja is famous for its collection of hand stencils, with a total of 90 having been recorded so far. These beautiful hand stencils are believed to have been used by aboriginal tribes for recording a visit to a destination, as well as to renew their ties to a place.

Manja Shelter also has several human stick figures and animal tracks, indeed a delight for any history enthusiast. The shelter is located within a sandstone outcrop which is void of any commercialisation, so it’s easy to imagine what it was like living there before the arrival of the Europeans.

Not too far away is the Billimina Rock Art Site in Wartook Valley; it houses impressive red paintings that were left behind from the Jardwadjali. According to archaeologists, the Billimina Rock Art Site had some remnants of both animal and plant foods when it was excavated in 1976. But the most exciting aspect of this attraction is the presence of numerous bars that have been arranged horizontally; these marks are believed to have been used to keep track of events, counting how many days was spent there, or for telling stories.

From Glenisla, visitors can also visit Black Range State Park, which protects stunning bushland. It’s a popular area for bushwalking as well as enjoying outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, and water boating.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there are several campgrounds in the area, and there are quite many accommodation options available in Halls Gap.

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