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The township of Laharum is one of the most popular commercial hubs on the north-western border of the renowned Grampians in Victoria. With about 350 residents, the area of Laharum is a picturesque residential town known for its vibrant economy and trade.

The area offers a number has a range of businesses which prosper in this area including craft, retail, food catering, and art.

Laharum Accommodation, Laharum Grove Olives, Grampians

Laharum also boasts an array of accommodation facilities, such as various bed and breakfasts, cabins, backpacker accommodation, camping grounds, hotels and home lodging facilities.

The township of Laharum also houses a school, community hall and preschool, tennis court, oval and various other community facilities. The town is popular for its olive groves which stretch over hundreds of acres. A number of local enterprises have their business based on these olive groves. Visitors should take a tour and walk across the bushy groves and explore the many scenic lookouts that Laharum has to offer.

Day trippers to Laharum should visit the beautiful Grampians National Park. Whilst visiting Laharum, you should also explore the lakes, waterfalls and other nearby scenic attractions that the area offers. Popular scenic points include MacKenzie Falls, Mount Difficult Range, Stapylton, Lake Wartook and Mount Zero.

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