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Murtoa Stick Shed
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Murtoa Stick Shed

The Murtoa Stick Shed is a historical attraction located between Horsham and St Arnaud, on the Wimmera Plains in Murtoa.

It was once a grain storage facility that was built during the 1940s for the purpose of storing wheat during a glut. But what makes this attraction so important is the fact that it’s the first and last remaining Australian rural vernacular heritage.

Murtoa Stick Shed, History, Address, Opening Hours & Entry Prices, VIC

It’s also interesting to note that the shed is a shining example of Australian ingenuity, particularly during a time of hardship. The construction method used to build it is unique to Australia, and it also represents a time of great progress in harvesting crops.

At its peak, the Murtoa Stick Shed employed many types of modern machinery that were first seen by farmers of the time, in order to transport wheat. These include elevators, trucks, conveyor belts, and many more.

For these reasons, it has been recognised as part of the Victorian Heritage Register since 1990. It’s the only one of its kind left, though during World War II there were several others put up in Western and Southern Australia.

For many visitors, the Murtoa Stick Shed is one of the most unique, interesting, and unusual structures in Australia. This is why it’s the main attraction in Murtoa; its interiors, build, and historical significance all make it worth a visit.

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What is the Murtoa Stick Shed address?
What are the Murtoa Stick Shed opening hours?
What are the Murtoa Stick Shed entry prices?
Adults: $10
Concession: $9
Children (Under 16): $5
Family Ticket: $20

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