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Noske Flour Mill

Noske Flour Mill

The Noske Flour Mill is a historical attraction in the town of Nhill. The mill was established in 1919 and is located across the train tracks on Davis Avenue.

The mill was the largest concrete structure in the southern hemisphere at the height of its operations.

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Though the mill is now abandoned, it still attracts visitors, particularly photographers, who visit during sunrise and sunset. These golden hours cast a beautiful light on the concrete, creating stunning photographs of silhouettes.

What was once a massive concrete bin, storing up to 120,000 bushels, is now a worthy stopover as you explore the many other attractions around Nhill.

The rural town has long been focused on merino grazing and is also part of the Wimmera Wheatbelt. You’ll find several bucolic and agricultural gems here, with a laid-back township and rustic atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. After visiting the Noske Flour Mill, add these other destinations to your itinerary.

The main strip of Nhill is pleasant, with a gorgeous park and lots of outdoor space. Goldsworthy Park, right in the Strip, features a manicured lawn, electric barbecues, a memorial, trees and bushes – perfect for a picnic or a stroll. Lake Nhill is also a popular attraction for its tranquil landscapes, boardwalk, birdlife, and boating.

Aside from the Noske Flour Mill, there are a lot of other places where you’ll learn about the city’s history. The Historical Museum on McPherson Street will take you back in time, but be sure to book an appointment. The John Shaw Neilson Cottage serves as a memorial to Nielson, a famed poet of his time. He was born in 1872, and the cottage houses his prized lyrics.

Nhill is rich in culture and history, so be sure to carve out some time to visit the Noske Flour Mill and all the town offers.

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