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Mount Abrupt

Peaks & Trails Run

Peaks & Trails Run is a massive weekend of foot racing starting and finishing in the picturesque town of Dunkeld, just south of the Grampians National Park.

This community-run event is powered by passionate local volunteers who love to showcase the town and give back to the community. The weekend offers five distance options for all levels of trail enthusiasts.

Peaks & Trails Run 2024 Race Dates, Mt Abrupt & Grampians, Dunkeld

All distances include sections of the newly opened Grampians Peaks Trail and take in the beautiful southern Gariwerd (Grampians) landscape. The longer-run options include trails on privately owned land, ordinarily inaccessible to the public. Runners will experience a range of landscapes and stunning postcard views on these trails surrounded by the four most southern peaks: Wurgarri (Mt Sturgeon), Bainggug (Piccaninny), Mud-Dadjug (Mt Abrupt) and Signal Peak.

All courses have been measured using GPS technology; however, they may vary slightly depending on track approvals and in the event of extreme weather conditions. The course will be marked, and all efforts will be made to make it easy to follow.

Track surfaces vary significantly throughout the course, including river flats, open woodland, technical loose rocky single trail, 4WD track, sand, tree roots and everything in between. The use of hiking poles is strongly discouraged across all event distances.

We strongly encourage our 20km & 50km participants to be physically prepared and conscious of their personal limitations in these off-trail courses. Being August in the Western District, expect mud, water, and slippery conditions and don’t expect to see much bitumen!

There are no qualification requirements for the 6km or 13.5km events. The 20km & 50km trails do not have strict entry requirements; however, the following is a guide for those considering entering these distances.

  • 20km trail within 5hrs
  • 50km trail within 10hrs

Car parking is available near the start/finish area – located 100 metres from the main street of Dunkeld. Please be aware of road closures and abide by signage for the safety of all participants, volunteers and spectators.

So make sure to register if you are interested in this event. Spectators can enjoy the beautiful town of Dunkeld and cheer on many participants from around the Royal Mail Hotel precinct.


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