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Jillian Wines

Jillian Wines

Jillian Wines is another small, yet beautiful winery in the Great Western Wine region of Victoria. This quaint property is located towards the outer periphery of Moyston, with city dwellers often coming here for a scenic tour, picnic and wine tasting trip.

The wine making family not only follows their family traditions, but also uses their own creative ideas for crafting some award-winning wine blends. Apart from a range of sparkling, white, and red wines, the winery is also known for some unique fruity wines. Try their famous Grampians Shiraz while visiting their cellar door.

Jillian Wines – Grampians Winery, Moyston, Victoria

Jillian Wines creates some of the best handcrafted wines, each showcasing unique characteristics, spicy notes, a strong flavour and elegant structure. When you taste their wines you can make out a strong grape varietal flavour in addition to an oak-aged after taste.

The flavour range from fruits; such as peach, apple, pear to berries of all kinds. Some of these flavours may sound a little unusual, but they are definitely worth trying. The winery also creates some non-fruity flavoured wines; including dandelion, onion, honeysuckle, rhubarb, tomato and carnation.

Visitors are welcome to interact with the Jillian’s winemakers and viticulturists. Come here for a day, as it will take more than one hour for you to explore the entire property. Learn more about the winery’s popular wine making methods, ageing and fermentation.

Adelaide Hills Road
Moyston, VIC

Phone Number
(03) 5354 2524

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