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Tarrington Vineyards

Tarrington Vineyards is a small family-managed wine producer located in Hamilton that is best known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. The beauty about these wines is that the grapes are grown organically onsite and the wine is produced within the vineyard.

Tarrington Vineyards – Pinot Noir Winery, Hamilton Grampians Victoria

The vineyards are managed with great precision using an array of biodynamic farming techniques to ensure only the highest quality of wine is produced. In addition to this, the wine is made using the process of natural fermentation and minimal preservatives.

The Chardonnay made at Tarrington is unoaked and instead stored for a period of about nine months. Each part of the wine-making process is meticulous, and certainly a clear indication of the time and effort that goes into getting your favourite wine. Needless to say, the resulting wine is best described as fine and complex at the same time. This has earned Tarrington wines stellar reviews from renowned wine experts.

Tarrington Wines does allow visitors to try their wines, but as they only produce a limited vintage, an appointment must be made.

7787 Hamilton Highway
Tarrington, VIC

Opening Hours
By appointment only

Phone Number
(03) 5572 4509

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