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The Bible Museum

The Bible Museum

Ever wondered what it has taken to put the Bible together over the years? The Bible Museum offers the answer to this and many more questions.

Located on 125-133 Napier Street in St. Arnaud, this unique museum is an interesting tourist attraction in the Grampians region. The museum has a wide collection of Bibles where believers can come and experience the many changing versions of this holy book.

The Bible Museum – Address in St. Arnaud, Victoria

This collection gives visitors an in-depth insight into the efforts made in writing and taking the holy book through the various processes of printing.

Presently, there are more than 1400 bibles, alongside ancient scrolls and related artefacts at the Bible Museum. There are also a number of musical instruments whose use is described in the Bible for those who would like an up close view of the collected items.

One part of the museum that continually wows visitors is the Butterfly Garden. The Garden is open between the months of November and May, dependent on prevalent weather patterns. During this time, visitors get to see numerous species of the butterflies that bring life and vibrancy to the garden. Keen and lucky visitors may be able to view a butterfly as they emerge from their chrysalis.

Curators of the the museum, Ellen and Jean Reid, have taken to collecting Bibles for the last 3 decades and are therefore best-placed to offer tours for interested visitors. The guided tour of the Bible Museum takes about an hour or so and require pre-booking.

If God has a special place in your heart, the don’t miss the opportunity to come and praise the Lord by visiting the Grampians’ own Bible Museum.

The Bible Museum is a FREE attraction.

125-133 Napier Street
St Arnaud, VIC

Operating Hours
Tues - Sat: 10am - 5pm
Sun & Mon: Closed

(03) 5495 1169


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