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Tri State Games

The Tri State Games is a massive sporting event which brings together athletes from Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales in a huge week of competition. Competitors come from a range of disability organisations and over 300 athletes compete each year.

Tri State Games – 2017 Dates, Disability Games Registration, Horsham Vic

The games started in 1986 with the aim to bring together people with disabilities in order to promote friendly competition and participation. The event location is changed each year, but the event is typically held over one week in November in each year. In 2017, the games will be hosted in Horsham, Victoria.

The Tri State Games have a huge roster of events on their calendar including: Table Tennis, Pool, Basketball, Track & Field, Long Jump, Shot Put, Football Distance Kick, Swimming, Ten Pin Bowling, Tee Ball, Indoor Cricket, Bocce, Soccer, Croquet and so many more!

Events can be modified to allow for carers to assist the athletes if required, and some events hold time trials so that the organisers can place athletes with similar skill levels in commensurate events.

A fun event for both competitors and spectators, come and show your support for the Tri-State Games by registering or making a donation to this cause.


12 November 2017 to 17 November 2017


Various venues


Horsham, VIC

Contact Details

0418 146 846
[email protected]

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