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Arapiles Cycling Event

Arapiles Cycling Event

The Arapiles Cycling Event – The A.C.E. Ride, is a community cycling event taking place around Natimuk and Mt Arapiles.

The ride was established as a means of raising funds for the Wimmera Drug Action Task Force.

Arapiles Cycling Event 2022 Dates, Course Route Maps & Entry Prices

This exciting once-a-year event usually takes place in October, and participants can choose from 3 rides.

The shortest ride is 20km; a route that starts in Natimuk, passes Mt Arapiles, and ends in Natimuk once again. Next is the 50km course, starting in Natimuk, passes Mt Arapiles and the Grass Flat, and ends at Natimuk. Last but not least, the 100km route starts at Natimuk, passes through Noradjuha, Mt Arapiles, the Grass Flat, and ends at Natimuk. Please refer to the course maps below.

No matter which ride you choose at the Arapiles Cycling Event, you are guaranteed stunning scenery, several rest stops, as well as food and drink along the way.

The race is safe for all to join, as the routes have been carefully planned to avoid highway travel, while there is minimal travel on the main roads. Road rules of Victoria apply on the race as well.

Participants are required to donate at least $20 for the 50km and 100km entries, which will go to Wimmera Against Cancer in Kids – a not-for-profit organisation that helps regional families who have a child with cancer.

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