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Balmoral Show

Balmoral Show

The Balmoral Show is one of the longest-running agricultural events in Victoria.

Showcasing the best of cattle, horse, merino, poultry, cooking, arts and crafts, this family-friendly event is always widely anticipated each year.

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The event takes place at the Balmoral Showground, a spacious 26-acre facility on the southern side of town. The facilities include a large oval, which is where the show is typically held. Other popular animal competitions and exhibitions take place here as well. When not being used for animal shows, the oval is used for cricket and football.

Surrounding the oval are wooden benches where spectators can comfortably sit or rest. Other amenities at the showground include a club room, four tennis courts, a basketball court, and standard showground buildings that include a ticket booth, office, poultry sheds, and pavilions. During the Balmoral Show, attendees delight at the many food stalls, games, and amusement rides available for all ages to enjoy.

The event, as well as the location, are historically significant because they both play a role in the furthering of the local pastoral and agricultural societies. If you want to get a feel of authentic pastoral life in Victoria, there’s no better way than by attending the Balmoral Show. These kinds of events have always been a focal point for the locals, and since the 1870s have already been considered an institution.

Balmoral Show provides an opportunity for the local community to meet, and its long-standing success demonstrates just how important the agricultural and pastoral focus of the area is.

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