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The Tarrington Lanternfest is an extraordinary event held each November in Tarrington.

It is a celebration of St Martin, a kind man who was known for his generosity.

Lanternfest 2022 Dates, Lantern Parade, Food & Activities, Tarrington VIC

St Martin did much to help poor people during his life, and his contributions are recognised through the lantern parades.

It takes place on the Friday night just before Advent begins, typically the last day of November. The lanterns are also meant to symbolise the birth of Jesus, who is the light of the world.

The Tarrington Lanternfest is also an important event for the German community, as lantern festivals are a German tradition. German food and kids’ activities will also be present during the event, and a small portion of the programs will be done in their language. Other highlights include the stunning Christmas round hay bale decorations on the road, dances, stein slides, and much more.

The event features activities for the whole family and is well attended by hundreds of people. The Tarrington Lanternfest is a great way to kick off the holidays while honouring one of the most important people in Australian history.

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