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Live4life Colourful Run

Live4Life Colourful Run

Hamilton’s Live4Life Colourful Run is an annual event held to raise money and awareness for mental health.

Participants get to run around the scenic Lake Hamilton, though the highlight of the event is the spectacular colour splash that takes place at the beginning of the race and in the Colour Zone area at the end.

Live4Life Colourful Run 2023 Dates & Entry Prices, Lake Hamilton VIC

The event is open to everyone, so make sure to register ahead of time. If you are with other interested participants, you are encouraged to create your team.

During the event, there will also be other family-friendly activities for everyone to join in; including BBQ food and drinks, music, ice cream and coffee.

Hamilton’s Colourful Run usually takes place in March each year, but to be sure, check the details in advance if you would like to attend.

Prams are permitted on the track, but dogs and vehicles aren’t allowed.

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